CN Brown Energy – New Hampshire

We’re proud to announce our new residential electricity program for our neighbor’s in New Hampshire.   With over  70 years in New England’s energy market, CN Brown is the local company that you can trust.  Let us do the work for you; finding you the best rates, keeping track of your contract and you can even bundle with CN Brown heating oil!

Do to the Current Market Volatility we are unable to offer contracts in NH.  Please check back at a later date. 

Save more money when you bundle residential fuel and electricity products together

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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to understand that if you switch to CN Brown Energy you will not have to purchase or install any equipment or change any habits. You will continue to get a single, monthly bill from EverSource, Liberty Power, NHEC or Unitil. One change you will notice on your bill is the name of the company supplying the electricity. Your local utility will continue to deliver the electricity to your home or business but the source or the supply of the electricity will come from a CN Brown Energy preferred partner. You can enroll online or over the phone at 800-296-2721. It is very easy and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

No. You will still pay only one bill as you do now. Notice that your current electric bill is divided into two parts; supply and delivery. When you switch to CN Brown Energy you still write out a single check. A portion will pay for the supply of electricity used and the remainder will be kept by your local utility for the delivery of electricity to your home or business.

Simply fill out the quick and easy online enrollment form. You will need a utility bill handy to reference your account number. Once enrolled, you will receive our Welcome Package with details on CN Brown Energy’s Reward Program enabling you to save even more money. The Welcome Package will include savings at Big Apple convenience stores and discount offers on heating oil, propane and kerosene. Sign up today with a company that can help you save on all of your energy needs.

The responsibility of power delivery remains with your local utility company. They get paid for the delivery of the power to you so it is in their best financial interest to restore power to every resident supplied with electricity as soon as possible. If your power goes out you will continue to call your utility company as you have done in the past. For your convenience below is a list of contact numbers for each utility:

EverSource: 800-662-7764
Liberty Utilities: 855-349-9455
NHEC: 800-343-6432
Unitil (Concord, NH) 800-852-3339
Unitil (Seacoast, NH) 866-900-4460

No. Any resident or business owner that signs up with CN Brown Energy can save money on heating fuels and other products offered by CN Brown Energy.

No. Any resident or business owner that signs up with CN Brown Energy can save money on heating fuels and other products offered by CN Brown Energy.

Once CN Brown Energy has entered into a supply contract with a CEPS on your behalf, you will receive terms and conditions of the service from the CEPS, and you will have 5 business days to rescind the supply contract with the CEPS, when terms and conditions of the service are received electronically, and 6 business days to rescind the supply contract with the CEPS,  when the terms and conditions of service are sent by U.S. Mail, except that the applicable rescission period extends for an additional 5 business days for a residential customer enrolled through in-person solicitation at the customers residence.   Termination after the rescind period could result in an early termination fee. To exercise this right, contact us at: CN Brown Energy PO Box 200 1 CN Brown Way So. Paris, ME 04281 EMAIL: 207-739-6444 (Phone) 800-296-2721 (Toll Free) 207-743-5952 (Fax)

The Term of your guaranteed fixed rate is stated in your terms of service document in your welcome package, and is also stated on the website when you enroll online. The rate for your contract is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about prices going up within your contract term.

Switching to CN Brown Energy will not interfere with any energy efficiency programs that you have entered into with your local utility.

Yes.  You will no longer receive the electric assistance program (EAP) discount on the supply portion of your electric bill.

In 2000 the federal government enacted a law that forced the local electric utilities to allow other electricity suppliers to carry power over their lines, thereby creating a competitive environment. This give consumers the option to select an energy supplier of your choice and potentially lower your electricity supply cost. There are now 17 deregulated states including NH. Now you have a choice!

Yes, small general service business customers and residential customers can both enjoy the same great savings. We also offer competitive rates for medium and large business accounts. With a copy of your utility bill we can help you obtain the best rates possible on the wholesale market. Contact customer service for further details.