1. Residential Electricity Enroll

Choose CN Brown Energy electricity for confidence, sustainability, and long-term value.

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/residential-electricity/residential-electricity-enroll/

2. Become a Customer

Become a CN Brown Energy customer. There’s never been a better time to be a customer of CN Brown Energy, the only local, family-owned company bringing New England complete energy options since 1948. With our Bundle Up & Save plan, you’ll save 5¢ per gallon on your home heating fuel while locking in a low rate for your electricity. You… READ MORE

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/become-a-customer/

3. Careers

Careers Don’t miss your opportunity to join our team.   Browse our current open positions and submit your application here:  https://hiringtoday.com/cnb-bigapple  

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/careers/

4. Gift Cards

Big Apple and CN Brown gift cards are great for any gift-giving occasion! Order your gift card here and you’ll receive it by mail within a few days. If you need it immediately, you can always purchase gift cards at your local Big Apple Store or CN Brown Heating Oil office.

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5. 2023-2024 Home Heating Protection Plan

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Home Heating Protection Program In these uncertain times, one thing IS for certain, we have a price protection plan for you!  You will not be left in the cold in the event of highs and lows with heating fuel next season.  Reach out to our team to sign up for your protection today! CN Brown Energy offers you a great price… READ MORE

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/2020-2021-home-heating-protection-program-june-1-oct-15/

7. New Hampshire Residential Electricity Enroll

Choose CN Brown Energy electricity for confidence, sustainability, and long-term value.

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/new-hampshire-residential-electricity/new-hampshire-residential-electricity-enroll/

8. Residential Electricity GreenChoice

Lock in an earth and budget-friendly plan. Many of our customers have become increasingly aware and concerned about the impact we have on our planet. CN Brown Energy shares those concerns, and is proud to offer green electricity solutions that can help you reduce your household’s carbon footprint and protect the environment. Right now, CN Brown Energy customers can purchase… READ MORE

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/residential-electricity/residential-electricity-greenchoice/

9. Commercial Green Choice

Earth and budget-friendly plans Purchasing green energy made from regional renewable resources like wind, hydro and solar is the easiest thing you can do to elevate environmental responsibility at your business. These resources are registered and have been qualified to meet local or regional Renewable Portfolio Standards. CN Brown purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) to guarantee that the energy you… READ MORE

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/commercial-fuel/commercial-green-choice/

10. 30th Annual MDA Golf Classic

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CN Brown Company believes in our mission to help raise money for research and support of families in Maine that live with Muscular Dystrophy. For 30 years, CN Brown Company has hosted a golf classic raising over $250,000! With the support of 80+ employees, and over 50 vendors, this event has become a huge success. Thank you to all the… READ MORE

URL: https://cnbrownenergy.com/30th-annual-mda-golf-classic/