Business Rate Plans

CN Brown has a variety of rate plans that are suitable for the smallest businesses to the largest entities. Choose a plan based on your business’s size and unique needs.

Businesses that use less than 3,000 kWh per month can take advantage of our business rate offer. Find out more information by completing this form.

For businesses that use more than 3,000 kWh per month, we offer custom quotes to provide you with the most competitive plans. Find out more information by completing this form.

With our Fixed Capacity Pass Through plan, the Capacity Charge is passed through as a separate item, with all other costs offered as a fixed price. This is common for those customers that may have a currently high capacity tag, or perhaps may be in an industry that would be more likely to produce a high capacity charge at a future date. Customers that are able to keep their capacity low may want this as a benefit for getting the most competitive price. Find out more information by completing this form.

Our Block & Index plan gives large commercial customers the option to lock up, or fix, a portion of their electricity load while the remainder of the load is billed with the energy markets. This also allows entities the flexibility of purchasing blocks in certain months of the year that are extremely volatile, such as December through March, in order to shield themselves from potential price swings in the market. Find out more information by completing this form.

We’re currently offering Fixed Price & Fixed Term rates in both the CMP and Versant (BHE) territories, so when you choose CN Brown Electricity you benefit from ongoing predictability and transparency. Our support team will work with you to find a term that fits your comfort and risk tolerances, but we caution that longer term rates are strongly encouraged as the future of the electricity markets are anticipated to be very volatile.

Contact CN Brown Energy at 207-739-6444 to learn more about your electricity options.

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